my family

im just wondering.
my son is 15 asd doing very well, my wife is 38 not doing so well and id now actually bet my last penny shes asd also and over the 21 years together ive forgot what “normal” is.
the thing is our daughter is 7 and nt and starting to remind me we also have a 2-1/2 yr old son that seems both clever eye contact etc but goes bezerk over door clising properly. my daughter has high anxiety issues as do i now. any help advice welcome. preferably from other dads to know im not the only one that stuck in n stood fast

Hi Rob,
Sorry I’m not a Dad! But can identify with how second nature living an autism friendly lifestyle becomes - until it become the norm in your household.

Is your wife aware of your suspicions that she might be on the spectrum? Assessment and recognition of autism in girls and women is in vogue and assessment is improving to recognise that autism presents differently in women and girls.

As for your little’un - lots of little ones are obsessed with doors, but if you see other signs then start the process to have him assessed. If his Mum and sister are both feeling anxious, he may be picking up on that and the door thing may just be a way of helping him feel in control of his environment.


thanks for reply melly.
yes my wife knows i think she might be and agrees, however sometimes she takes it as an attack if i adress it with her depending on her mood.
you see quite some time ago i gave up on trying to assert rules for stabilty you see bedtimes etc. she sleept in with kids from day one now thats the norm you can imagine the difficulties that now poses now the kids refuse to sleep without her.
but i think once all lock down stress is over ill try push her towards test then that way we may get advice and steer towards stability.
i have to tred carefully and pick my moments as it can often go 0-explosive in no time at all.
once mrs mind is set on whichever thing i may be trying to debate, thats it its set in stone no chance.
but ill persevere.