My Dads PIP claim rejected

The doctor didn’t provide enough records before my dad’s interview about transferring from DLA to PIP and his claim was rejected. He has now received his last payment and my Carers allowance has ended. His appeal is going through with a lot more evidence, we are struggling financially already and this appeal could take months. I was on a top up with Universal credit monthly (previously Income Support) and I am doing an A level computing course for 13 hours a week in college alongside caring for my Dad. Previously I was told you can’t claim Job seekers while in education, is this the same with Universal credit? I’m really unsure on what to do, has anyone experienced anything similar or got any advice?

Hi Sean.

UC and education ?

Full s.p. from the Government site :

Universal Credit and students - GOV.UK

PIP rejected ?

Numerous threads on this forum … and on the main caree supporting organisations … SCOPE in particular.

Others will be along to point you in the right direction.

Talk to citizens advice about what can you access. Do it now as Christmas is looming. You and your Dad don’t need this now. Try and get them to help you with a plan.

I would suggest your MP but with the elections it would be difficult.

Have you got plans in place for over the Christmas New year period.

There are loads of charities who can and will help you both!! There is no need to be proud. You could also speak with the Salvation Army who help many people.

What age is dad and what are his disabilities. This information helps the forum to direct you on to other service etc.

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much, he is 47 and suffers with COPD and various mental health problems, most severely schizophrenia, which is under control with medication. The woman in the interview took statements he made and exaggerated them, for example he explained he can walk to the local shop and back in 15 minutes with several breaks, this was clarified clearly. Due to being overweight and his COPD and Asthma he needs to take breaks otherwise it all catches up with him, and his chest gets a lot worse for trying to soilder on, which means he requires more of his sprays, which he constantly runs out of, due to over-use. This was simply put down as ‘He can walk 15 minutes, un-assisted’ a lot of his problems don’t fit on their simple numbered system.

He has contacted people to help with this and his doctor is doing more detailed reports.

I will contact Citzens advice first thing tomorrow.

Thank you for your advice.

Your welcome.

CAB on PIP appeals :
Challenging a PIP decision - appealing against the decision - Citizens Advice


Challenging a PIP decision - appealing against the decision.

If the DWP didn’t change their decision when you asked them to look at it again, you can appeal to an independent panel, called a tribunal.

The tribunal looks at the evidence from both sides, then makes a final decision. The tribunal is part of the court system - it’s not part of the DWP.

Really appreciate it.

Are you aware and/or in touch with any of the above.

Example: The use of a spray is classified as needing a form of assistance. To make and complete a task. Which could not be complete without it’s use.This is where you require outside help. Have you got the report/assessment document. If you have take to Citizens Advice if not requested a copy A.S.A.P.

I believe my Dad is already in contact with Citzens advice, but I will mention this to him in the morning. Thank you, people like yourself on these forums are a great help

Hi Sean, your dad must make absolutely certain that he gets his appeal in before the deadline, and it needs to be sent Recorded Delivery, especially as it’s going into the Christmas post period. There’s a strange law, that if you can prove when you posted a letter, that counts as the day it is received. Usually I would suggest sending it Special Delivery, guaranteed next day delivery, but given your financial situation, that’s probably not an option.
You also need to ask for a copy of the paperwork DWP compiled. When the doctor came to see me about a DLA application, I was waiting for 2 knee replacements at the time, he wrote a load of garbage. Not least the fact that Waitrose’s car park was 300 yards away!! It was actually just 6feet from the shop wall, and even with a trolley as a walking aid it was too painful for me to walk right round the shop.
When you have a copy of all the information on their file, go through it all with a highlighter pen for your appeal. Currently over 50% of appeals are successful.