Mums mood Improving after a brush with death!!

Hi everyone

In a nutshell. .

My mother has now been in nursing care for the last 18 months.

On Easter Sunday she suddenly became very ill and deteriorated rapidly. Doctor gave her two to three days to live with the possibility of even dieing that night! Because of the Covid situation I said my goodbyes via video link! She was actually sleeping when I did this. It was awful.

Four days later she improved greatly. (Nurse manager at the home felt that mum had had the covid virus).

Anyway, since then she has greatly improved in mood although physically she us be coming increasingly frail and does sleep a lot more.

99 per cent if the time she is happy and bright and a “pleasure to care for” according to the nurse in charge. I should add at this point that because of the Covid situation /furloughing of staff my mum’s original wing at the home had to be closed and she was moved to another wing with different staff. I should add that all the staff on the original wing were wonderful with her . And now on this unit the staff are equally as good and the nurse manager on this unit does seem to have a good rappor with mum. Mum even told me that this nurse was "a very nice person "!

Her mood is soooo different and I wondered if anyone else has had a parent whose mood changed so drastically after a brush with death? ! It’s like a miracle.

Mum is 94 in November. Dementia (short term memory loss…long term memory is excellent ) /severe ostroporosis/very poor mobility heart problems.

Thank you for reading.
Kind regards

I haven’t come across this, Joan, but I just came to say don’t knock it. The fact that mum is 94 with considerable health problems but is good to look after and clearly well cared for is lovely. Long may it continue. Dementia is so unpredictable and hits many people in different ways. I found my mum was worse one week, better the next, worse the following etc

A very stressful time for you, hopefully you can rest a little bit easier now.

Just relax while you can knowing your mum is safe, and being a sweetie!
As hubby’s dementia became deeper, he was much more compliant. Although I was relieved, odd times I had thoughts of wishing he had a bit of spark back!!
Still not an easy time for you, but now she isn’t only wanting you which must be easier. A double edged sword maybe??

Thank you Anne and Pet for your replies.

Yes it is so lovely to see mum so settled and much happier then she was. I keep on phoning and video linking with her and today was able to visit her outside at the home and she was fine!! Although at one point when I said I might be able to wheel her to the local park when the rules are relaxed she said "but I’m not staying here for ever! " which made me smile!

It’s so good that me and mum are able to enjoy one another’s company and I’m no longer stressed and feeling guilt ridden at her being in care.

Thank you both again.
Take care, keep safe.
A big virtual hug to you both. Xx

Also …Pet I used to follow your posts regularly when you’re husband was in care and whilst I know that things can never be the same I do hope that you continue to find comfort in all the lovely memories you will have made together. Joan xx