Struggling with my mum

Hello to you all
I feel like I need to just let out how feeling at the moment as I’m struggling a lot today
My Mum has Parkinson’s and with it the dementia, she is 90 and often hears voices in her head and has hallucinations, I work in the carehome she is and some days we have a lovely chat and she is like her old self but more often than every time she sees me or I pop to see her she looks so angry with me and says she doesn’t believe a word I say and blames me for everything , when another member of staff comes in she is lovely to them , I know it’s the dementia and she can’t control how she is, I moved her into my carehome as she was not good in herself during the COVID lockdown last year , she’s had quite a few falls and feel this hasn’t helped , I’ve always had a nice relationship with her and have always tried my best for her, I mostly accept it and hold on to the good days but it’s hard not too take it personally ,I love her so much , but it’s affecting me now and I know Mum is so troubled with her dementia , I feel so selfish even speaking about it when she’s is going through so much worse , out of all my siblings I’m the one who has looked after mums best interests as the others are not as forthcoming and supportive , I feel so alone
Thank you for reading x

Hi Tracey,
It sounds as if you have done your best for your Mum. Reminding yourself that when she says unkind things that are out of character that it’s the dementia talking is a good strategy. Also, people often reveal their real emotions to those they know and love.