Mum with advanced dementia been admitted to hospital

Mum mum, who has advance dementia- she can’t move, talk or feed- dad is sole carer and doctors have admitted mum into hospital as her oxygen levels are low.
Can dad visit her, or go with jer?
Can we travel to see her, or support him. Parents live in Sheffield and I (son) live in Norfolk, whilst my sister -and their daughter - live in Oxford.

Any advice or pointers please. Worried sick!

Hi Paul & welcome

What a worrying time for you all.

PALS at the hospital could answer some of your question re: visiting etc. However, most hospitals are no visitors. Which sounds really horrible. But there are good reasons.

What is PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)? - NHS.

Yes, you can travel to support your parents.

the hospital should have a dementia champion - they may be able to arrange visiting, ensure your Mum’s dementia-related needs are met. Contact the hospital and ask to speak to this person.