Moving onto universal credit

Nope not me ,

but some may have noticed i made a post about one of my brothers who told his boss recently to “” ram it “” , and walked out
He did not even hand in a notice of intent to work , he simply got up and left and has never been back to work , nor handed anything in.

I am not sure how unemployment works now , but i find it funny that this is possibly going to come back and bite my brother in the backside for being so cock sure of him self .

he says he has an appointment with the job centre tomorrow , and his wife who works has been told she also has to be interviewed but strangely she was given NO appointment time , they were only told IT WOULD NOT BE TOGETHER and the wife would be seen at an other time on the same day.

he also seems so sure that they will pay him money and he seems so sure that he will find a job instantly hes in his 50’s
mum said why have you not been looking for work before you started signing on he had no answer for her.

So does anyone have an idea how signing on works now ?
especially when you have willingly made your self unemployed ,
i was told that the job centre will ask him where was his last employment , why is he unemployed. and i have been told they will actually contact the last employer to ask why they quit working.
and they may punish him when they find out he quit for the following reasons .

  1. didn’t want to travel during rush hour traffic . did not want to use more diesel than he does now .
    2 . did not want to start work before 8 AM .
  2. did not want to give up ANY weekends to work alt weekends .

Hi James … for the correct answer , I would recommend the Carers UK Advice Team :

Straightforward advice through an Internet search is mixed … even more so if one reads some of the replies on other forums.

General advice around but specific advice sought.

His barriers to working , and the DWP’s barriers to working ?

Never the twain shall meet ?

i am more or less laughing , as for once i believe the difficult stages for job seekers will be of use here.

he has worked there for 16 yrs , and had been continually taking time off , days off here or there , changing working days.
been expected to work day in lieu over weekends to make up for said days off.
then more recently he swapped holidays with short notice , then expected to get a day off with zero notice
he just called up and said i want today off give me it.

the the other day my sister called mum and said its going about work him walking out and she agrees theres something strange going on .

but his entire attitude is they will give him everything instantly , and they wont make him look for work as much as others , or demand he meets conditions .

For amusement only ?

DWP … here’s a job , 8 am start … finish at 4 pm … last chance … take it or be sanctioned !

Job … 10 miles away … semi rural … 2 buses a day … 10 am and 6 pm … mile+ walk at the end.

Even better ?

Said job … night shift … 10 pm to 6 am … petrol station cashier … some weekends / public holidays
… our bus only runs Mondays to Fridays !

Not unknown … and the DWP will NOT be joking !

lol the job you set out with 2 busses , would take between 6 and 8 here :laughing: and dependent where it is , not possible to get to by bus .

which funny enough is part reason of walking out of work , because they said they are complying with the scottish governments ideas of encouraging people NOT driving to work and use public transport.

for him to have got to work by public transport , would have needed 1 bus , 2 trains , 1 bus , walk and tickets of £65 a day … and at the absolute earliest would have got him into work 2 hours late every day. with no way back home at night as he finished at 9pm .

but i kind of figured they would make him look for work during weekend , hours he did not want lol.

i can remember my PA years ago ( before i became a carer ) , tried forcing me applying for work on the other side of Scotland that would have been 100% impossible to start work for 8am lol.
then she wanted to force me applying for a job that finished 9:30 PM which would have been impossible for me to get home at night.
but i sadly got an interview with the company , i went along and they asked where i would be travelling from and how. and instantly when i answered her . she said why in the absolute hell are they forcing you to work here your stuck with god awful public transport and she apologised to me called the job centre and asked for my PA then gave her an ear full lol.

Well that seems a bit of a let down.

He said because his wife works and what she brings in , in scotland he will have to wait 7 weeks for first payment of UC.
and he wanted the payments twice a month , but was told he would have to wait for the first payment in FULL after 7 weeks then a month later come in and ask his PA to change over to twice a month if thats what he wants .
and the wife has to attend a “” quick one “” tomorrow morning before she goes to work , and take in with her the last 12 months of bank statements between them both.
because his wife works and their other daughter is bringing a wage into the home , he will not need to attend regular appointments as he would do if he was younger or a single man , and he will still be required to apply for jobs , but is exempt from having to apply for 40 jobs a week as is required in Scotland. again this is due to his age and there are not many jobs requiring the older worker.
and he will just be given the basic payment of UC as his wife earns so much and the daughter living at home paying Dig money so they will not be given help to pay rent , council tax .