Mother passed, caring for disabled little sister

Hello everyone

New here. Just come across this and honestly i don’t feel alone now. I hope you and your loved ones are all well :heart:
I lost my beautiful mother in September 2021 to covid. I left my career becoming an accountant, working in a well reputable company and studying in college, I’m 27.
I now took the role of my mother caring for my disabled sister who is 23, she has a deteriorating illness and will not live past the age of 30.
I also care for my beautiful father and 2 siblings.

Covid hit my family very hard and others. I hope through this I can meet others like myself and just help each other get through the tough days.

God bless Sabreen :heart:

Hi & Welcome Sabreen

Condolences on the recent loss of your Mother

In a short space of time how your life has changed. And you are supporting everyone in the family. Please try to remember to look after yourself. Easier said than done, “I know”. What help do you get looking after your disabled sister?

What age is DAD? How is he coping with the loss of your mother.
What ages are you two other siblings?