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Does anyone know if an ongoing award for mobility allowance in PIP will allow me to hire a car with Motability? I emailed them about this weeks ago and received no reply and therefore assumed it was not possible. I think a person must have at least one year remaining in their mobility allowance award in PIP or DLA for their car hire. I got an ongoing award last year but it appears this was of no use so far as hiring a Motability car is concerned. I understand Motability’s position of course as the ongoing award is not for a certain period of time, such as one year. I rang the PIP dept but did not get through as they must be very busy.,Lease%20a%20car%20with%20your%20Personal%20Independence%20Payment%20(PIP),to%20join%20the%20Motability%20Scheme.

Taken from the link above Motability web site

Lease a car with your Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
If you are awarded the Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of PIP (ERMC PIP) and have 12 months or more remaining on your current allowance, you may be eligible to join the Motability Scheme.

Thanks for the reply and the link.

Yes, I knew that it must have one year remaining on the award. My problem is that an ongoing award might not last a year! I think this is why Motability did not reply as they must know the exact time remaining on the award. An ongoing award does not give this information. Looks as if I will have to buy a second-hand car :frowning:

Hi Alfred

If by “ongoing” award, which I’ve never heard of, you mean “indefinite” award, then you’re ok. In any case, as there’s no “end” date it should be fine. Personally I suggest you contact the local dealership for the car you’re interested in. They’ll have a Motability specialist who’ll be able to tell you.

And in the current climate they’ll be keen to help if they can.

The wording on my PIP award letter was “ongoing award” for each component. I recall the wording “indefinite period” from old award letters. Not sure if an ongoing award means the same as an indefinite award though. Many thanks for your reply.
I had no reply or telephone calls from Motability. I will try rining them again.

The government has been pretty reluctant to give indefinite awards, but it was forced on them in a legal case a few years ago.

“Indefinite Award” sounds like forever, and the government wanted to make sure people understood that there were always going to be circumstances that removed the award. It looks very much as though “Ongoing Award” is the replacement name for the same thing: you can see the effect it has is not the same as with the old name: hence your own uncertainty.

Seriously: choose a car to look into at a dealership and talk to the Motability expert there: they may be desperate for the sale but they will not steer you wrong over your scheme eligibility because they will want to get paid for the car. And you’ll get an answer much faster than on the Motability Helpline!’indefinite,will%20be%20for%203%20years.

From the above link …

How long you get PIP for
The DWP will give you PIP with no end date if either:

they think your condition will never get better
you’ve reached State Pension age - you can check your State Pension age on GOV.UK
This is called an ‘indefinite award’. If you have an indefinite award the DWP will usually review it every 10 years.

If you don’t get an indefinite award, you’ll get PIP for a fixed amount of time – your decision letter will tell you for how long. If you’re terminally ill the award will be for 3 years.

If you’re awarded PIP for a fixed time of more than 2 years, the DWP will usually review your award before it ends. They’ll renew it if they decide you can still get PIP.

The DWP won’t usually review your award and will let it end if either:

Due to the car market and certain parts unavailability

Motability are having trouble getting some new cars and people are having to wait months.

So the sooner you apply the better

Thank you for the wonderful replies. These are of great help and I will 'phone Motability this afternoon as I am not too good in the mornings.

Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who posted in reply to my question about Motability cars. Below is a copy of the email I sent to about a dozen different dealers and received no reply! Initially, I emailed Motability and received no reply. Perhaps it is a case that they are overwhelmed with such enquiries of mine, or that either the ongoing award is not acceptable or my age of sixty-five years is regarded as too old. I will now buy a second-hand car on hire purchase.

Once again, thanks for the replies.


Dear Sirs,

Is it possible to lease a Motability Ford car with an “ongoing award” with PIP mobility allowance? I am sixty-five years of age and just received the PIP award.

I appreciate that the lease of a Motability car must have at least one year remaining on the DWP award. As my award does not state any length of time such as one year I am unsure if I can therefore lease a Motability car. In addition, of course, there is my age to consider as this might also prevent me from leasing as desired.

I 'phoned the PIP office hoping to enquire about the above but could not get a reply. Just music playing for an hour!

Incidentally, I have driven my entire life with no claims.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Alfred Barnes.,of%20Disability%20Living%20Allowance%20(DLA)

You can apply to join the Motability Scheme if you are aged 65 and over and you receive a qualifying mobility allowance. These allowances include:

Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)
Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
Enhanced Rate of the Mobility Component of Adult Disability Payment (Scotland)
Higher Rate Mobility Component of Child Disability Payment (Scotland)
War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS)
Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP)
You must have at least 12 months remaining on your allowance when you join the Scheme. Unfortunately, the Attendance Allowance cannot be used to lease a car through the Motability Scheme.

Thank you very much for your replies. As I have received no reply from Motability, or the dealers who act for them, I decided to give up the ghost so far as a hire car is concerned and will buy a used vehicle. It is clear that Motability et al do not want to know.

Over forty years with a clean licence (0 points) and no claims against me. Never involved in an accident and drove over a million miles.

I will not post here again under this subject.

Take care all.