Mobility car issues some advice

Hi all, to add to the stress at home, I was involved in a car crash where someone went into the back of a car and damaged the back. The insurance company for the car as it a mobility car were good with me and helped me through the process of everything. The only downside is waiting for a answer on what will happen next to the car. Even though we been given a hire car until the either comes back or scrapped. Has anyone else had to wait a long time for a answer? I am concern that we could lose the hire car if the the ones who are tasked to get the car repair are dragging their heels despite the insurance company promise we would have a car until someone makes a decision.

Hi Michael,
I don’t have experience of insurance and motability cars, only ordinary cars. My car was badly damaged by a car pulling out at speed without indicating from an on-street parking bay in the city centre.

It took ages to get a decision on whether it would be repaired or not and I drove the posh hire car for over 2 months. The hire company won’t mind as long as the insurance are paying.

Beware though if the car is a write off, the minute the cheque is written, even before you get it, they’ll want the hire car back …

Motability’s insurance provider are usually pretty switched on, but their responsibility is to sort out the repair or write off. Anything after that is up to Motability, in that you could end up without transport until you receive a replacement. I suggest you contact the Motability helpline to ask what would happen if the car is written off, as you can’t afford to be without a car.

thanks, they have sorted it out.

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