Help with Road Tax if unable to claim Motability Car

As we were classed as ‘too old’ to claim for motability car: after all everything ‘Supplied’ car,
Insurance, Road Tax so only have to put petrol in! So as we had to buy our own wheelchair
Car very expensive even several years old! Plus insure, Road tax due for coming year £300!
Yet no help even towards that? If we were to just need a ‘Normal’ saloon much easier only
Probably paying £30 Or £50 a year big difference: even 10 year old the well known ex motability
Wheelchair cars cost a packet! People have been surprised but if you’ve claimed from way back
It continues.

Who told you that? Sorry I do not understand.

Financial help with mobility vehicles ?

Government schemes … linked to the mobility element in PIP / DLA as spelt out |:

Financial help if you're disabled: Vehicles and transport - GOV.UK

To get motability finishes at age 65! ‘as that’s the normal age for people getting ill’ so everyone cannot claim for a car! Only if you get DLA anyway or whatever that’s called! But not available with other benefit