Morning all.

Good morning everyone,
my name is Mike and I’m a Carer. There I said it😁.
I’ve been looking after my lovely wife for 12yrs now and we have both learned a lot about each other and the people we deal with in every day life. Some good some not so good.
My wife suffers from Bronchiectasis which we seem to be managing at the moment but as we know the next disaster is only an infection away.
Hope I can contribute in some way and I look forward to having a good waffle in the future.

Hello Michael and welcome to the forum

Just to let you know that along with the forum chat and support we also run weekly online meetups where carers get together informally to take a bit of time for themselves and talk to other carers. Sign up details are here:

We also run weekly Share and Learn sessions where guest speakers lead sessions on a variety of topics, you can sign up for whichever ones you like the look of:

You’d be very welcome to join us, all sessions are very informal and there’s no pressure on you to share anything you don’t want to. We get very good feedback on these sessions with carers really enjoying them

Best wishes


Hello Mike

It is very hard to be a carer. I started caring officially for my husband back in 2013 but unofficially it was probably a good year before then. This is a lovely Forum with some very experienced and supportive. carers.

My husband is 82 and has been diagnosed with Bronchiectasis back in March last year. Nothing in writing but told by the nurse after the scan. He has inhalers but it is hard to get him to use them. We have a telephone app in May with a Consultant - it was originally booked for September then December then January and February -some of these were actual physical appointments but then changed to telephone one. My husband is very deaf so it is going to be a ‘challenge’.

You sound as if you are helping your wife manage the condition? I do understand the infection risk and what a challenge it can be.

He had a pulmonary embolism back in June and some kind of lung infection so had to go into hospital for 2 nights. He discharged himself as apparently his much younger life wanted to look after him.

So you do have my sympathy and I do hope you can find some time for yourself. I have a few very good friends - 2 have been carers themselves and they are brilliant. Plus I love reading and used to chair a Book Club - still have a Facebook Group and want to get it running again when we can.

Hi Mike, great to have you join the forum. Love to waffle with you and share experiences. I cared for both my parents who have now passed away and I am now caring for my duaghter. It can be really tough and lonley at times and this is a great place to share and off-load.

How are you doing at the moment?