Mom Has Dementia

Mom has stage 5 dementia and cataracts. Doctor says he doesn’t think it’s best to do the surgery because he thinks she will mess with her incision or not do well with a patch. He changed her glasses script and told me to bring her back in a year. It was an ordeal to get her there. Has anyone’s family member with dementia done well with cataract surgery? I don’t want her vision to get worse; as it will affect the dementia and add to the confusion I’m sure.

Sounds incredibly difficult. Sorry to hear you’re in such a challenging situation. She would need a physical to make sure there is something out of sorts with her bloods etc before concluding. There are lots of other things that can effect memory. Early onset often runs genetically? Is this the case in your family? Keep encouraging her to see someone.

"Memory loss can just be a natural part of getting older.

Sometimes it may be caused by something common and treatable like:


anxiety or depression

sleeping problems (insomnia)

Occasionally, memory loss can be a sign of something more serious, such as dementia.

Do not try to self-diagnose the cause of your memory loss – always see a GP."