Mobility Scooters

Does anyone have any recommendations for dealers of mobility scooters? There are so many dealers around that it is hard to know who gives the best advice on purchasing a scooter. Any veiws good or bad would be very welcomed.

I bought my wife’s scooter from Mobility Giant, (a TGA Breeze Midi 4) less than a year old at about half price. They have a large selection of second hand, (but virtually new) scooters at much below the full retail price of a new scooter.

Mine was a Shoprider I think. The seat was so comfortable. Happily after two knee replacements I don’t need it any more.

I did a lot of research before I purchased a mobility scooter for my disabled mother-in-law. They can get rather pricey but luckily her insurance covered a fair portion of it. We decided to go with one of the E-Wheels mobility scooters as we liked the turning radius, the MPH, and the distance.

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