Picking a second hand mobility scooter

I want to buy a mobility scooter for my dad. He is now using a very old wheelchair that has to be replaced with a new or newer one, but I think that a mobility scooter is a better option for him. I have searched for some options online and found second-hand scooters that are in very good condition and at affordable prices. But I am still not sure what to do, should I get a second hand or go for a new one? Do you have any experience in buying second-hand scooters or wheelchairs?

My first choice was TGA as they are a reputable brand with quality and long-lasting scooters. But the price is a little high for my budget.
Then I found this site offering used scooters:

Pretty wide range of different scooters, but has anyone used this site, can I trust it?
I wonder if you guys can help me make a good decision


I think it’s all about choice and what use it will have etc,

My husband has had several scooters but now a wheelchair user. He brought one scooter at perhaps a higher price than he needed to. But luck had it - it lasted 10 years. So no complaints and he used it most days. And it did a lot of miles.

Try and set a budget and stick to it. Also when you are able visit show rooms and test some out. The are all sorts of considerations.

Distance in miles how far does dad want to go. Will it need to be transported. If it breaks down away from home - insurance cover to get home repairs etc. Not all scooter have front/back suspension. So can be hard to deal with going u down kerbs.

Can Dad use all the controls etc.

My husband has Arthritis in his hands so has to have low pressure controls. Suspension back and front wheels. Get solid wheels that do not need pumping up. Some people prefer these for the suspension but a puncture can be a nightmare when out. A comfortable set is important.

Don’t get used one, first of all, in most cases you won’t get any warranty, I was scammed this way in the past… It’s not worth the stress. Besides I have seen those scooters from the website you have shown here, their prices are far from fair. I have been using various mobility scooters, being paralyzed from waist down, and I can tell you that at the price they offer, you can get a brand new one with full warranty.

Example: Mobility scooter ~ Velobike ⋆ Your trusty and secure mobility aid

Honestly, that website looks like it is a scam with those used scooters. Also don’t go blindly thinking that one is much better than the other. Pretty much all mobility scooters in UK have to follow norms to be mobility scooters at all. There are small differences, but personally having used various, you won’t really feel much difference. I recommend reading at least two guides. I’ve been following this mobility scooter blog for some time, and they have a nice guide.

I agree with Thomas, those prices are high - one is identical to the one we bought for mum last year, which cost us about £600, their price is £999.

Additionally, it’s not really the scooter body that you need to consider, it’s the battery, and although they offer 6 months’ warranty I would still be a bit wary because you can’t be sure how old the battery is in the machine you buy.

We bought ours from AbleWorld, and it came with free insurance for a year.

Best of luck!

I recently bought a Drive Medical scooter for my father. The price was around $900. This is not a scooter you want to buy if you don’t have a big open living area. It has a very limited turnaround space steering. It’s one of those go forward, turn the wheel, go back, turn the wheel over and over. My father likes it because it’s small and seems to fit through all doorways. But if you are a bigger person, definitely get a bigger size. My dad’s neighbor wanted to borrow it to go to the store and she was to big to get on and off it easily so she opted out.