How to disassemble a Road King mobility scooter?

We are thinking of buying a second-hand Road King Class 3 mobility scooter for my Mum (a friend is selling one). We need to work out how to dismantle it so that we can bring it home. Does anyone know how to dismantle a 5-year-old Road King?

Several videos on You Tube which may help ?


Living Made Easy web site has guidance :

Here in Worksop , mobility scooters are quite common … several dealers provide a repair service including
pick up and delivery … same on your manor ?

A pick up and delivery commission to one of them ?

For once , the classified ads in one’s local rag comes in useful.

There are plenty of new scooters online which is the way to go in my opinion, it makes sense to buy second hand if it’s a car, just because of the price. But with scooters, I think it’s much less risky to buy from a trusted online supplier or go into a shop. Last year, I bought a pride plus scooter from them and it’s still going perfectly. They even offer finance if you don’t want to spend too much at once.gxx

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