Mobility aid recommendations wanted


Where do I find mobility aids? My son has open spina bifida, his lesion level is T12-L1 downwards. He does not walk but he is a full time wheelchair user due to extensive lower limb paralysis. He is a paraplegic. The mobility aids would be used at home only, there is no question of him achieving community ambulation. Who do I talk to? We are going to visit a local mobility aid shop tomorrow to see what is on offer, try out items and then make a decision. I will also ask questions.

What about insurance? I don’t want to spend too much on anything. I am also looking at a new mobility scooter for myself. Can you hire equipment?

You son’s Occupational Therapist should be able to advise on what equipment would be helpful, and they may well supply it as well.

As far as scooters are concerned, find a Shopmobility near you. I used one for a while when we went to steam shows, incredibly comfortable but it wouldn’t go in my car - so my son put it in a trailer and took it to the show for me. Think carefully about how and where you will use it. I’ve seen several trailers at shows, where husband drives the scooter and wife sits in the trailer on a suitable seat. Were you thinking of doing something like this for the twins?

No but this is a good idea! I also have looked at adapted bicycles online.

see what his OT and physio recommend first. They will also know of grants available for desirable but not essential aids. It’s also worth look what is available on line secondhand. Children grow very quickly and parents are often looking to pass on/sell something their child has grown out of. What is his sitting balance like? Can he sit unsupported?


He has two assessments next week. He can sit without support for five minutes. I found a independent new physical and occupational therapist online. His upper body strength is good.
He has not been seeing any therapists since 2018 as I needed a break for a while. When we meet with the therapists next week, I will ask them then about disability aids and equipment as well.

The physio should give an exercise programme to improve his core stability and ability to sit, they can also work on his transfer skills which will increase his independence. To benefit, he will need to do the exercises regularly. Access to physio is the sort of thing that can go on an EHCP. If he was funded for support, they could do some of the exercises with him during the school day, when he is less tired. Most children find school very tiring, at least at first.