Mobility scooter covers - easy to fit?

Dad, by necessity, has to keep his outside. Hes got no room to store indoors (he lives in a strange flat - stairs to living room, then stairs up to bedrooms.

Hes got a standard cover but its hard to fit. Got to throw it over, pull it all around etc.

Wonder if there are any alternatives?

Images :

mobility scooter covers - Bing images

Retailers :

mobility scooter covers - Google Search

Hes already got the “soft” type. Problem is its hard to throw over then go around pulling each corner down.

In which case , try an Internet search with key words … as both of the above links were done … as to what key words ,
I’ll leave that to you … as you know your precise requirements.

Not any in the accessory range for the major mobility scooter manufacturers ?

Mobility shop around the corner from me … those outside … a glorified zip up pvc jacket to protect them from the rain.

Image guide for those :

zip up cover for a mobility scooter - Bing images

( The closest. )

Depends how much room outside you can buy a scooter store bit like a shed really or you could just get a garden shed to drive the scooter into, lock it up, protect from weather and getting stolen.

anywhere from 200 or 300 pound for a basic garden shed , there are metal sheds keep your motorcycle/scooter in, some cost 2000 pounds.

I got a cover for my wife’s scooter recently, as she now has a motorised wheelchair which won’t fold up to go in the back of the van alongside the scooter - it has to be one or the other in the van, (and it’s too much hassle getting the scooter in the house - I’d have to change the ramp arrangement for the front door every time we switch between chair and scooter).

The cover I bought has a drawstring right around the bottom, so once it’s on, you only have to pull the drawstring up from one place to stop the cover from coming off.

The really simple alternative is a small shed, just for the scooter.


Trouble is he doesnt have a garden either. Its a communal parking area since he lives in a flat (although his front door is there). So not a lot of space to be honest and fixed shed would probably not be a goer.

I’ve looked at those fold over types ones. Seems better…

Surely if there’s a “parking area” and he is entitled to park there, he could have a little “shed” on his space? If it was a disabled car he could have a spot reserved for him, so why not his mobility scooter? I’m wondering if one of those little low level sheds to put garden chairs etc. in, that Homebase sell, would fit the bill. They are relatively inexpensive too. Is the flat his own, or rented?

Alas, his parking space is about 50 yards away by the other block (don’t ask!) and not outside his front door…

He part owns the flat. Pays rent on 60% or something.

Housing Association , perhaps … shared ownership scheme ?

Given alloted parking space , would be prudent to double check the insurance policy on the mobility scooter …
especially if reliance were to be placed on an all embrassing household policy ?

yes thats the one.

Don’t forget to give that insurance policy the once over.