Missing son

Hi there, I am a full time carer to 3 adult boys, all on the autistic spectrum. My eldest who has Asoergers went missing a couple of weeks ago, just leaving a message that he has moved in with someone he got to know online. I called the police as he is vulnerable, and this man who took him is acting as his advocate even though they have had an intimate relationship, the police went round and were happy that my son was happy to stay there. They will not tell me where he is which is just awful I feel bereft,he cannot care for himself, he cant make his own food or manage finances, I am his appointee. the police told me not to send more than £20 at a time in case these men were tying to get his money.

He took hardly anything , no extra clothes, just his phone and wallet

I have been in touch by meassge , he wont tell me where he is, but seems to be living in a fantasy world, he had thoughts of harming those close to him before he left and seems to think I was spying on him, his mental health has suffered badly under lock down.

He has sunk into some worrying sexual practices, some are against the law and is putting himself at enormous risk, he is living in a fantasy world, social services say they cant help and the police are happy to leave him there, although they dont know of the practices yet.

I have no idea who to turn to,I just want to help him but he is happy in this world he has made around him and doesnt want to leave.

I don’t know what to do.

Oh my goodness. I imagine you are beside yourself with worry. What about Mencap … do they have a 24 hr helpline?

It’s not right at all that social services are not helping you either. They must have an emergency number so just keep ringing until someone takes you seriously. I would get in touch with the Police again and insist that they log your concerns.

How old is your son? I am so sorry this is happening to you. Xx

Please be aware that if you son goes to a bank. And withdraws money for anyone else. He will never get that money back. As it will be deemed he willing went and took out withdrawals. He can go to the bank without his documents by just stating he has lost them.

Did the police investigate to … was your son groomed into leaving home. If not I suggest you request this is carried out.