memory clinic.

hi everyone in carerland.mum is 86 with no mobility and mixed dementia.we have a visit tomorrow from the memory clinic to see how mum is responding to a drug called memantine.she has been on it for 4 months is supposed to improve memory and help with has done neither of these.hoping there may be something else out there .i took her for a hospital appointment last week ,hoping the anxiety was a bit better ,but no chance ,i wont be taking her out the house again if there is nothing else to help her .she was so distressed ,i am trying to forget it ,like she obviously has.any advice will be appreciated.jane .

Hi Jane.

Purely on the medicial side … Internet search … MEMANTINE … throws up many links and opinions.

The following link perhaps one of the better ones ?

Alzheimer's disease: Does memantine help? - - NCBI Bookshelf

For opinions , have you contacted or tried the leading , supporting , charity … Alzheimer’s Society ?

A " One size fits all " solution ?

Extremely rare !!!

As for " Support " , I’ll leave that to other forum members.

Hi Jane,
Dementia isn’t my area of expertise, my caree has autism. Until others with more experience of this come along, it might be worth looking here for info. The Alzheimer’s society, despite it’s name, advises and supports those affected by all types of dementia.

Taking someone out who is highly anxious is extremely challenging, describe the outing to the person visiting from the memory clinic, there other meds available. Glad your Mum has forgotten all about it, sending (((hugs))) your way, as you still have that memory. Hopefully with new meds, you’ll be able to replace that memory with happier ones.