Mum discharged from memory clinic

In November 2020 mum was diagnosed with dementia and given mementine 10mg.

Yet in October 2021 she was discharged from the memory clinic and her tablets were then issued
by her GP.

Fast forward to now and her mind is getting worse. She has already forgotten who my older brother
is. Her words are disjointed. Is phoning me up for other peoples phone numbers etc . But if I don’t know then I’m told to P*** off and she puts the phone down. Her anger and frustration is taken out on me.
She is still able to clean not only herself but the house. Lives on her own and can walk to the local shop
300 metres away.

What I’m asking is do we go back to the GP, memory clinic or somewhere else for help or advice.

How old is mum?
I understand that dementia is an umbrella term, there are many different types, some can make previously good natured people unpleasant. Maybe write to her GP to start with?
Some hide behind “patient confidentiality”, others are more forthcoming.
Do you have Power of Attorney?
Does she own her home, or rent?
Are you an only child?

Thanks for replying.
Mum is 86. There is me and my 2 brothers.
We have health and financial POA.
We have already registered it with the surgery and her banks.

Unfortunately I live a long way from mums house. I phone her every day and try and visit every fortnight.
I have cancer so Im not up to doing more.

Younger brother is going to phone the GP tomorrow.

A person with dementia is not safe in a home setting without 24/7 supervision. Most people with dementia become uncooperative about safety issues, like not trying to walk unassisted. One person cannot provide acceptable care alone, your dad will need a lot of help which doesn’t come cheap. One thing I have found is that nursing home prices vary wildly. A non profit facility might be more affordable, and also look at facilities in small towns. It might be time for your dad to move closer to you.

Has your Mum had a social services assessment by a Social worker?
I would also contact the elderly psychiatry ( memory clinic) . Tell them your Mum was previously a patient and she’s deteriorated since they discharged her.

Tell him/ her you want a re referral to elderly psychiatry.
A lot will depend on whether your Mum has capacity .
Do you think she’s unsafe at home , or do you mainly want someone to review her mental health status and medication?
The GP is prescribing her medication then by law he has to monitor her condition.
At 86 , at a minimum he should be taking bloods at least yearly to check her kidneys are working correctly. The guidelines say if someone’s kidney function is reduced then the dose may need to be adjusted or meducatuon stopped .
Side effects can include confusion and agitation and aggression, but of course what you’re seeing now may sadly be worsening of her dementia .
Was your Mum ever on a higher dose of Mematine? From what I know, I thought the daily dose was 20 mg.
Sadly you may have reached a time when the drug is no longer helping, in which case it’s down to Elderly Psychiatry to review. Good luck .