Mum had her memory test today

Mum had her memory test and is now awaiting a Brain MRI, the nurse phoned me this evening as she was worried about mums eating and meds, and said she needs 2 calls per day from the carers. So here is hoping we can get that.

Hi Carol,
Is the nurse contacting the social care/ care provider on your Mum’s behalf?


No apparently we are me and my sister, but they said we can call them anytime for help and advice.



How did she get on with the memory test, Carol?

Have you contacted Social Services to get a care assessment? Expect some fights to get suffficient carers. My only advice is make sure you are present at the assessment. My mum would have said that she did not need carers and told them she did her own decorating. She used a zimmer frame at the time.

Good luck,

Hi Anne
I do not know how she got on, they will not tell me anything until she has had a brain MRI and then the appointment with the doctor. But the mental health nurse who did the test called me later at home and said she needed 2 visits per day for food and meds so that tells me she has some kind of dementia and they know it. Social services have been quite good although only 1 visit per day was in place the agency only did 1 week and then when my sister sent the photo of all the missed medications as its in an electronic dispenser you could see it was always the evening ones so they agree she needs 2 visits per day but still trying to set it up as we have a dosset box issue going on, we have at last found a pharmacy to do it, but they want to interview my mother which is impossible i have had to go to my mothers 2 days running this week to take her to the appointment and sort out her pill machine, then again the next day as it did not turn over think a pill was jammed. I have been exhausted, my mother accused me of making the appointment to see if she had a brain. It’s all so stressful. so 45 mile round trip 2 days running and trying to renovate our house, my marriage is suffering although i have a good husband it does put a strain and of course I love my mum.

Have you had a Carers Assessment? Social Services MUST provide the services mum needs, she doesn’t have to have a diagnosis for them to increase services. You can’t keep filling in the gaps!

I am unsure what a carers assessement is. She has been assessed by SS and has 1 visit per day by an agency and now they agree that she needs an evening call but the enablement team are doing that at the moment.

The Carers Assessment is for you, your Mum will have had a Needs Assessment.

What does a carers assessment achieve? I do not understand

Mum should have a Needs Assessment, to look at the care that she needs to live well at home for as long as possible.
You have a Carers Assessment to look at what they can do to help you in your caring role.
Have a look at the CUK main index and you should find lots of information.
After a long battle I got funding for me to go to the gym.
In theory I could have had a course at the local college. I’ve been keen on sewing all my adult life, wanted to join a course just to give me other like minded women to chat to. They refused, on the basis that they would only fund academic courses leading to an academic qualification. I asked what more qualifications I needed, nearing retirement, with 10 O levels, 3 A levels and an Honours degree in Business Studies. No answer, but I still didn’t get the sewing course!

hello Carol … in my case a Carers Assessment achieved nothing whatsoever. It gave the SW a ride out in the countryside I guess. I made her a coffee. We talked about what I needed. She made notes and went on her way. I never got any of the things I asked for.

Very sorry to hear that Penny.
My mum was diagnosed with dementia and just before that I was diagnosed with Emphysema (COPD). I am in the process of claiming PIP but do you think the GP will forward me any info. So frustrating, I now have to keep away from my mother as she keeps going out. Life has got more stressful than ever.