Me time.....

Someone on here said me to once make sure you get some ME time…

Mums gone to bed early tonight so am sitting in the garden almost in the dark…

I love this time of night…peace and quiet…just the gentle noise of the wind rustling in the trees, a distant dog barking and a blackbird that doesn’t want to go to bed yet.

The only other noise is the planes coming in overhead to land at Luton and I’m jealous of those lucky lucky people who have been away on there holidays

But I can still feel the stress of the day draining out of me. A cup of tea in my hand ( only my second of the day) and finally I can start to relax safe in the knowledge she is in her cot bed and asleep.

Find the time people if you can to stop and appreciate some ME time…Because we all deserve and need it once in a while x x x x

Me time is very important.
Sometimes just 5 minutes of quality me time helps

Glad you have found a way to enjoy yours Linda

I’d want some red wine and some cheese, (and probably some insect repellent), but I’ve actually just been out in my garagio trimming a couple of pots.

Last day of the “Hampshire Open Studios” tomorrow - try and pop along to a venue near you if you’re in Hampshire - and if you’re anywhere near New Milton you can look in our offerings, (I’m not always there, but will be for some of tomorrow).

your “me time,” sounded perfect.

Hopefully I might be able to do the same later, especially if the neighbours are being quiet. I have honeysuckle growing up the fence by my backdoor and it smells beautiful, even more so at night,

I hope you sleep well after you chance to unwind.


Bump, Ayjay.

Maybe a bit too late for cheese - but a glass of wine maybe and definitely some insect repellent if the biting kind are out. Still really itching here.

Lol insect repellent

Yes the little bugger got me but it was the bat that started circling round the garden that had me hitch up me nightie and running for cover…

We have been really lucky with the bank holiday weather this year so getting time out in the garden has been a real bonus for me. I can’t say I was born with green fingers ( that was my mums job before she lost her sight)

The only one blip was a large plant that suddenly appeared in the back garden with pretty white flowers and weird conker type seeds on it…turned out that the seed balls could be used to get HIGH so I dug the bugger up in the cover of darkness so the neighbours wouldn’t see PMSL…

Well we can’t all be Alan Titchmarsh can we lol

Me time? I like pottering on my patio with my plants, watering them, dead heading etc. It was so still yesterday that I could hear the motor boats on the Solent, which seldom happens.
Otherwise, I just need a sewing machine and fabric. I know I’m really tired or really mentally exhausted if I can’t even be bothered to sew, or “play with my patterns” to work out the next project.

Ooh I wish I could sew…had a awful teacher at school so she put me off learning but sometimes when I go in the craft shops and see the lovely squares of fabric I wish I could.

Have been known to tinker with a bit of jewellery making but as you say when your pooped sometimes it’s hard to concentrate

I also had dreadful experiences of teachers at school, enough to put anyone off sewing for life. Absolutely nothing about the JOY of making your own clothes, expressing your personality, and most of all how easy it is. Not helped by the school sewing machines forever going wrong, or I suspect being deliberately sabotaged, by pupils.
Nevertheless, I had a real problem getting clothes, especially trousers for my long legs, my greatest asset, only I could never get trousers to fit anywhere. Long fitting trousers didn’t exist in 1968! After making my first pair, with about 3" added to the length, I realised that it was easier and cheaper than trying to buy some.
My real sewing “career” started when I lived in Western Australia, 1,000 miles north of Perth. In those days the main road to Perth was still dirt, not tarmac. (I have to laugh sometimes when watching Outback Truckers sometimes, they really like to make any thing into a drama) We lived in a brand new mining town, with an all purpose shop, which sold a limited amount of fabric and patterns. I only had two cotton dressess, desperately needed more. My neighbour lent me her machine, until I bought my own, and i’ve been sewing ever since. In WA, while my husband was working, I would make a blouse on Saturday and a dress on Sunday, just to pass the time away. In the busiest years, as a multiple carer running a business, there just wasn’t time to sew. Now I’m just a part time carer, and widow, I have more time again.

I like watching the Sewing Quarter channel, lots of ideas to do incredibly sophisticated stuff. I can never see the point of patchwork, cutting fabric up into little pieces and stitching it back together in a different order, but the results are beautiful. Most of my things just involve two front pieces, two back pieces and armhole facings, with a zip or buttons so I can get in and out easily.
So many people say to me “You are clever, I can’t sew” but I’m sure I could teach anyone to sew. I’m a great advocate of “Slow Sewing” these days. I only cut out when I’m on my own, and have the large kitchen table all to myself. Once it’s all cut out, everything I need goes into a plastic tray or box. Everything takes as long as it takes. Sometimes I take my sewing box to my garage bedroom about 8.30, when my son on shift work goes to bed. Then I can pin or tack or sew (one of my machines folds out of the desk in my bedroom) until I want to go to sleep. It doesn’t matter if I just do one seam, one hem, sew on one button. I’m doing it for ME.

My GP was worried about my blood pressure, so told me the get my own monitor.
Late evening, sewing, watching Sewing Quarter, my blood pressure readings were way below what they were in the surgery!
If I sew before bed, I always sleep better. Well that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it!!!

Good on you honey you keep at it - like you say if you can find something, anything that helps you chill out then go for it.
The trouble with me is I start things but never finish them. Tried adult colouring books but never quiet finished them. Would love to learn how to crochet so that’s been added to my bucket list lol

Why not try and find someone who can teach you the basics of crochet? Then you are not only learning a new skill but making a new acquaintance too.