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Hi there,
Im new to this forum and not a carer at home. I work at a small elderley daycare service as an acitivities co ordinator. Lots of our guests have a diagnosis of early onset dementia/alzheimers, the majority of whom are gentlemen. I am looking for suggstions for activities that you think our guests may appreciate please. We already do lots of quizzes/crafts/gardening projects/armchair exercices etc but im trying to think ‘outside of the box’ What sorts of activities do you think might enhance a visit for anybody attending a similar setting? Any help is much appreciated and a huge high five to all the carers out there doing sterling work. I love my job but I get to go home at the end of my exhausting day, your work never ends. :arrow_right:
THanks in advance

Do you do, I think its called pets as therapy, they have it at our hospital, a lady takes a lovely dog into the hospital for patients to see.
A lot of patients love seeing the dog very friendly dog, many have pets at home they can’t see while in hospital.

I have heard of similar schemes, alpacas, donkeys all help with blood pressure etc seeing an animal for a cuddle.

Thank you, we have done this once before. Will put it to the manager again. We also had the nursery children in to sing which went down very well. Thank you for your comment :smiley:

You say that a lot of your residents have early onset dementia so I’m presuming that the majority are under 70 ?

At my Mum’s care home they used to have a musical duo visit regularly - they would lead sing-a-longs of all the popular songs from the war years and the early 1950’s. All the residents there would join in and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions - it seems that musical memories still remain when other memories have gone.

Are you looking for trips out? If so, how about a steam railway or a steam rally? They will bring back so many memories of younger days. (My family own a 1921 steam roller and a 1909 traction engine, so I’ve been rallying ever since I was 19, so now almost 50 years!)

Thank you for your lovely replies, all are very useful and we do most all of these things already, I will keep up hunting around for the more unique services that people may find interesting. Thanks again :smiley:

If you want something to come to the home, rather than a trip out, you might like to get in touch with a local model engineering club who could bring smaller models along.