Masks in the workplace

Hi I am carer to my husband who is extremely vulnerable and have been for nearly 30 years now.
I have recently been requested to return to my bar job but been told that I am unable to wear a mask.
They are now trying to force me to resign. I would love to hear your thoughts on this as I can’t seem to get clarity on whether this is legal or not.

Ring ACAS. You are “disabled by association”.

from the above web site …

If your workers choose to wear face coverings you should support them. There are some circumstances when wearing a face covering is required as a precautionary measure.

You could also speak to your local MP.

A lot of this subject is guidance and I think may be very much left to individual employers.

Don’t be put off stand your ground.

Would a face “shield” be more acceptable to your employer rather than a mask ?

I’ve noticed in our local supermarket that the staff have three options - face mask, face shield or nothing but then they do have the plastic screen between themselves and the customers.

Just awful, so so bad. So much denial about the pandemic.

Well, plastic shield doesn’t protect You, plastic mask doesn’t protect but a mask gives some level of protection, especially if you have a better one with carbon filters. In my own experience, it’s better to wear it to reduce risk for you.


Any update?
Have you rung ACAS?
Is your employer aware that if he makes you, as a carer, resign, it amounts to “constructive dismissal”?

That means that you could take him to the Employment Tribunal and you could be awarded damages that might amount to thousands of pounds compensation if you have worked there a long time!!

ACAS will be able to give you more information. Their helpline was really helpful when I was doing Employment Law as part of my degree some years ago.

Face Shields on their own do not protect you. There have been studies on this. A good mask with a nose clip is whats needed. Three layers. A face shiekd could be worn as well if you wanted.

Hello Suzette

I’m sorry to hear that your employer is trying to force you to resign because you want to wear a face mask while you are working. As well as the suggestions from other members, As you are a working carer, I would also encourage you to contact the Carers UK helpline at

I wish you well with resolving this issue