Mask advice upgrade

hi with this terrible virus about around the world , can anyone give advise about masks as at the moment we are using cloth masks that was bought on line from trusted ppe , i saw on the news this morning about london and they are wanting people to upgrade there masks but unsure what ones
thanks for your help and advice

Not heard this one as yet. I’ve have seen people wearing two masks.

Such as the blue medical mask and a cloth one on over the top.

Check out this video report from the BBC

hi this is what i saw but if london has been advised to change mask and also that cloth masks are no good when why not advise all of the uk

This seems to be an initiative of Sadiq Khan. I expect we will be told in good time if it happens.

The blue surgical masks protect other people from me. The FFP2 or N95 masks also protect me from other people.

I know from friends that large parts of Germany have made these masks obligatory. People were even given a few free ones. The problem is they are more expensive and I can’t see it happening here. They are supposed to be used once, like the surgical masks.

I don’t think cloth masks and surgical masks are no good. They have been shown to reduce rates. And people are more likely to wear them.

Hi Dean,
I think it’s a decision only you can make (unless the regulations change.) You also need to take account of the places you go. S and I wear double/triple layer cloth masks. We only walk or drive and we only pop to local shops for odd bits and I take S to buy a takeaway cake once a week. We do social distance from others wherever possible and give anyone not wearing a mask a wide berth. Also carry handgel with us and wash hands thoroughly on returning home. We sometimes stop for a swing at local park but gel our hands as soon as we get off.

Where do you wear your mask?


hi melly 1 many thanks for your reply

I keep getting infections I have been on 19 lots of antibotics since Jan 2020. I also suffer from rapid depression. Personality disorder. Eptopic heart beat. Chronic pain in spine. Diabetic.admitted to hospital for Stoke in Nov 2020. I also have blood clot on my brain that effects my hearing and nose. hopefully with help from care for the carers tested for ptsd as well as I have had issues with professionals since 1996
My wife has bi polar disorder. In some cases she has been violent towards me. Diabetic. Asthma. Copd.sleep apena. Dystonia.gallstones. admitted 3 times to hospital for pancreas issues. Over weight. Learning disability. Since covid started we like alot of people have had no support from anyone apart from triage call from Dr Surgery. Nothing from asc. Social services. Even wellbeing can’t help me with my mental health.
Every time I go out I am extremely scared and look at other people and think have they got covid. If I have to go to eg petrol station. Supermarkets.we get shopping online when it arrives has it got covid. I wear a mask. Gloves. Use hand gel but I am in and out I don’t want to be there. As lots of different news about covid and transmission. I look on the news several times a day I can’t really relax.
When we get our vaccine is not sure at the moment I looked at a vaccine calculator and it said first 2 weeks of Feb 2021 but like alot of people not had it yet. I have to take the dog for wee etc I am looking around all the time for people who may have covid has government said people with no symptoms can pass it on.
I wear a mask but I am out of breath my glasses steam up I put wash up liquid on don’t seem to help. I just don’t know if we will survive like alot of people very worried. Scared…

Hi Dean,

All this stress is not good for you. Limit catching up on Covid news to once a day.

You sound like you are taking lots of precautions.

I too wear glasses and none of the suggestions for preventing them steaming up work properly for me either. The latest thing I’m trying is a self adhesive metal strip that I stick on my masks to grip more closely to my nose - semi helps.

Personally I think you should carry on with the masks you have. You don’t go on public transport which is where it was suggested Londoners should wear the more expensive masks. Also they are harder to breathe in. The World Health organisation hasn’t changed its original advice on face coverings and masks.

However, it you would feel safer wearing them - then perhaps try them when you feel most at risk.


I agree with Melly.
My family and friends limit watching or downloading news to once a day now. As do I, usually. We all began to despair, and it doesn’t help.
Masks, I think wear the sort you are most comfortable with. I prefer the disposable ones, as I like the metal grip across my nose.
My Grandson prefers the reusable. I’ve seen people with a scarf across their mouth and nose, which apparently is acceptable.
It is a very worrying time for us all. Please try not to let the anxiety take over your life. You are doing all you can to protect yourself and others.

melly 1 / pet66

thankyou for all your help and advice , sorry to say anxiety , depression etc has been there since 1996 i have tried health in mind 3 times they cant help / they tried to send me to ats no help , wellbeing cant help , care for the carers say possible ptsd so they are going back to health in mind if not they would try and send me to Department of Psychiatry through asc as every time i try and get help the door is shut in my face ,
it all started in 1996 after we had our first baby and the disbeliving midwife and that my wife gave up baby wih out telling me but i dont blame my wife i blame the proffessionals involved at the time since then i have had problems with every proffessional that i have come across .

with masks that we use they are the ones that you can pull tight behind your ears but steam up etc not really sure which ones are more breathable or is that a good idea or not with different strains of covid about .

i was a wheel chair user and trying to use my own legs to support us both including the dog but i am in alot of pain i have been on morphine for 20 yrs was told to stop it tried different pain killers dont help at the moment i am on pregablin dont help
some days i wish i wanted to give up as my wife dont help around the house etc just lays down or play pc game for hrs on end
at the moment i have pain left hand from wrist into hand , pain in hips and across bottom of back , i can end up with chest pain taken up hospital not heart but pain is my back , there has been times when i cant cope as a husband and a carer .
thanks take care