Looking for a reliable and trustworthy carer in Cricklewood

Hi all , Looking for a reliable trustworthy carer who is able to pop in a few hours a week ( not every day ) to look in on my mum in law who is 89 . She is slow but just about mobile with care … Need help with general house duties and personal care and company … any one out there at all ?

There might be a family / kinship carer on the forum … on / near to your manor … that might have a few hours to spare.

There again , hiring such a carer has downsides … for said carer , balancing work ( As a paid carer ) with actual caring.

If said carer was also claiming Carers Allowance , a maximum of £ 123 per week in earnings before the whole of the CA is lost.

Even at the minimum wage , that’s only around 15 / 16 hours in paid employment.

Hello Paul and welcome to the forum.

I doubt that anyone here would be in a position to help you out ! This is a forum to support and advise those caring for a friend or relative in an unpaid, non-professional capacity, and, as such, are in need of reliable care assistants for their carees themselves !

I would suggest checking with your local Social Services department and arranging a needs assessment for your Mother-in-law to see what help they can provide.