Long Covid Nine Months Later

One in Three Covid patients left battling symptoms after 9 months.

I am just exhausted, not sleeping, having pain in places one day then somewhere else the next.

I suspect Long Covid but no diagnosis, the GP doesn’t know what’s wrong?

Anyone else still ill, months after getting Covid?


I suspect the lack of responses is due to the percentage of members who have had Covid and long Covid being lower than in none carers.

In case you haven’t come across it there is a support group for those suffering from long Covid https://www.longcovid.org/


As far as I know, patients after covid have reduced immunity, or vice versa, have an increased immune response to any threat. This rather strange combination makes one be very careful in communication. In fact, someone who has had covid needs to continue to maintain a social distance to reduce the chances of getting common colds. An allergic reaction to household chemicals may also be more sensitive. I myself am waiting for my turn to be vaccinated and a little worried that no one can say exactly what the consequences will be for your body. Statistics are just starting to accumulate.

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