Coronavirus: DR UK CEO writes to Disability and Care Ministe

6 March 2020
The CEO of Disability Rights UK has written to the Rt Hon Justin Tomlinson MP, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, and the Rt Hon Helen Whately MP, Minister for Care, to raise concerns about safeguarding disabled people, people with long-term health conditions and older people in relation to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

That’s good to hear. I have been thinking that as in normal every day life us carers and carees are being forgotten about.

It’s just like we dont exist.

Glad its been raised - as there could be a lot are just left without any help if we get Ill. It will get very dire without intervention

I asked social services what plans they have in a time like this. Had an email back to say theres none.

Excellent letter.
Today, my son told me that he’s going to be in his flat, alone, all day as day services will be closed.
He cannot read, write, do any maths, manage his money, use a computer, or cross an average road safely.
Not acceptable.

Omg BB really . Why cant a support worker be with him.

Just not acceptable.

My son said to me on a walk today at least we have each other.

That would be way too hard on someone with a disability for your son to be on his own. Not safe either for his mental or physical health.

BB your son told you?! Not a member of the services,? It’s an absolute disgrace.

I contacted Social Services last week asking for an immediate review, nothing has happened as yet. Of course there will be a fury of phone calls tomorrow!!!

BB, that is ridiculous. M is healthy, so I don’t see why he and others like him shouldn’t still attend.

If there is a valid reason then even staff from the day centre visiting the service users would be something. They are banking on family stepping in. What about those with no family, no one to tell or those who can’t tell.

I’m dreading S’s college day service closing.



Makes perfect sense, but would the Pharmacies have ( or be able to obtain) three times the usual stock?