Grandad is now seriously ill with covid

Bit of backstory, my 91 year old Grandad went into hospital 3 and a half weeks ago after a fall caused by a UTI. Whilst in there they did some tests on his liver function, then removed some gall stones. We were preparing to get him home just before xmas when we were told he’d tested positive for Covid. He didn’t have it when we went in so this was a massive shock.
He spent Xmas on the covid ward, reasonably comfortable and again they were talking about discharging him as he was symptom free, so we were all hopeful.
Then 2 days before New Year, we got a call to say a CT scan had revealed the covid was affecting his lungs and he was struggling to breathe, with a fever, aches and chills, as well as a constant cough.
He’s continued to slowly decline and he’s now on a critical care ward, on the maximum oxygen they can provide, with a pic line pumping him full of steroids and antibiotics. We’ve been told that he’ll either remain as his is until he can be weaned off the oxygen, or he’ll deteriorate and at that point we’ll be allowed to see him to essentially say goodbye.
I managed to speak to him yesterday and he told me he knows he’s going to die, so I’ve told him he’s not there yet and to keep fighting!
The nurses looking after him have been amazing and one of them actually apologised to me yesterday because they were doing everything they could.

I’ve lost family members to cancer and that’s a drawn out process but this is another level of hell… there’s absolutely nothing we can do, can’t visit, can’t help… just totally lost and dreading each phone call.

If nothing else, I hope you’re all managing to keep your loved ones safe, and make the most of seeing them and speaking to them while you can x


I have no words but I am glad that the staff are taking great care of your grandfather. It must truly be a horrible time and it sounds as if he has caught covid in hospital. All I can do is hope he can get through this.

Hi Emma,

I’m sorry to hear how poorly your Grandad is and that he caught Covid whilst in hospital, so unfair. Good to know that the nursing staff are fab and doing everything they can to help him fight it.
Very hard not being able to visit.
Sending you cyber support and I will pray for your Grandad.


Sad to read your post.
Sending you (((hugs))) and am thinking of you.

So sorry to read about your poor Grandad, I am glad you are gaining some comfort from the fact the staff are taking great care of him. Very best wishes to you and your family.