Long Covid Exhaustion?

I was very ill about a month ago, lot of pain, just felt really unwell, I did go to the doctors who took my temperature at the door, it was fine otherwise wouldn’t have let me in.

Explained to GP lot of pain, tiredness exhaustion, just felt really bad.

It went away but still suffering a lot of fatigue and getting breathless doing the slightest thing.

I had health issues before but could walk my friends dog for miles, go shopping and carrying heavy

bags no problems.

now i can barely get up the stairs.

I have memory loss, a lot of muscle pain, tiredness/exhaustion and breathlessness.

All symptoms of long covid?

Anyone else feel they have long covid?

I haven’t been tested for Covid at all despite me being an unpaid carer.

So don’t know if i had it, so confusing when i tried to get a test.

Is there any help available, how do i get tested/diagnosed with Long Covid?

Is there any support, i am an unpaid carer basically i can barely look after myself let along anyone else.

I just feel exhausted/worn out.

Still having a lot of pain, i am having to take painkillers, never really needed them before.

Hi Londonbound,

you go for a swab test, although that will only detect if you currently have Covid.

Antibody tests indicate if someone has had Covid, though some question the reliability of the results. However, currently free antibody tests are only available to those who work in paid social care.

If you don’t have a formal diagnosis of having had Covid, I doubt you’ll be offered treatment for long Covid, however, you could research what treatment is being offered and then request referral to various services e.g. physio, pain clinic etc