Lockdown and asd

Hey everyone
Heads been in a spin my son has been out of school from end of Nov due to him having to be tested for covid. Doing the test was an absolute nightmare but we got there he is 11 years old I told the school he wouldn’t be back till after Christmas because I didn’t want him to go threw that experience again. He has severe anxiety and does not leave the house the only time is a Friday he stays in his nanny’s till Sunday he said that it gives him a chance to relax away from my other 2, but then he started not sleeping and saying his tummy was sore there and ending up with diorahi he hasn’t stayed from before Xmas and he’s breaking his heart casue he wants to go and he said his body isn’t allowing him he is getting about 2 hours sleep a night he is not on any medication I’ve been trying to contact my doctor and can’t get threw all he is doing is crying cause he wants to sleep but can’t I don’t know what to do being stuck inside is a nightmare bare in mind he can be violent with me any help would greatly be appreciated

Hi Kirsty,

There is advice here about anxiety and sleep Sleep Problems | Signs of Sleep Problems | YoungMinds

Make it your priority to get through to the GP ( a very frustrating and time consuming experience if it’s anything like ours at the moment) and if you can’t get through ring the out of hours service or 111.

Sleep deprivation is hell and will become a viscous circle - he’ll feel anxious because he is sleep deprived and then the anxiety will affect his sleep.

Will he not go for a walk or a bike ride etc? Lack of outdoor daylight and exercise won’t help his sleep or his mental well-being.

The longer he stays off school the harder it will be to get him back so after Lockdown it might be better to send him. If he comes in contact with someone who tests positive, he doesn’t have to be tested, he can opt to self isolate instead.


Violence is NOT acceptable under any circumstances. This needs dealing with. What happens, why? Is his dad on the scene?