High functioning autistic mum with high functioning child

Hi, My son is 13 and spends most of his time on his computer in his room. We have a routine for dinner time mostly as well as coming off the computer for bed. He’s only attending school for 4 hours which was arranged by myself and the school to help him with his anxiety. Some days he won’t go in due to tiredness or I struggle with getting him in because of my own depression/anxiety and as ashamed as I am to say it I drink quite a few evenings to help with stress and I’m so tired I give in. This is an issue most Monday’s after the weekend.
Recently I have been really struggling to get him out of bed in the mornings. it’s an ongoing battle. I can sit with him for half an hour repeating ‘It’s time to get up, come on now’, I get to the point of desperation and start to get annoyed but without shouting (just raised voice slightly) I feel I am being ignored. After 20 minutes or so I will then try to lift him out of bed but he pins himself further into the bed and then says I am hurting him, or you’ll bruise me. Obviously that is not my intention to hurt him, I’m just trying to lift him/ help him out of bed. He will still give in or get up and answer back to me all morning. Any suggestions here or anyone else who has experienced this ?

Hi Georgina,

Welcome to the forum.

Just a few suggestions, that might or might not help:

If he isn’t up on time and you are struggling to get him up, you could just take him in late. Granted, he may get into trouble - but that a natural consequence.

You could approach the school re the Monday issue and they may be able to send a mentor to help get him to school.

With a big fight, you may be able to secure transport for him to travel to school.

Finally, would attending for four hours later in the day help? Is it worth asking the school if he could attend later in the day?

What consequences are there at home re not getting up and attending school? Does he get to go on the computer instead?