Health anxiety - hypochondria

I am new here but i come in hope that there is somebody out there that can relate to me and my son.
My son is 16 years of age and has ADHD. From a very young age he showed signs of what we now know is anxiety but not to the extremes of where we are at today. I want to get straight to the point. My son has visited A & E every night since 01/09/2021 sometimes 2/3 times in the same day or night. He claims to be having a cardiac arrest. breathing difficulties. blood clots, asthma attacks and derealization to name a few. Each couple of days we will be stuck on one thing before we slowly move over to another. He is under camhs but nothing seems to pacify him. He wont listen to reason and has rang ambulances at all hours to our home address. When he has been checked over and had his heart rate and blood pressure done he seems to calm down but it does not last long.
He sleeps poorly and tends to struggle to sleep and sleeps most of the days. If i wake him that then means he isn’t sleeping at all so sadly i myself have had to allow such a vicious cycle.
I have now decided that i am going to pay privately to the priory as the frequency of camhs appointments is just not enough.

I write this with hope that somebody out there similar age is going through the same thing and if so if like to hear your story as i also feel this is a good thing for my son to hear, when something is relatable it makes a tiny bit easier to understand for him. He does not have many friends and has not attended school for the past 2 years due to behaviour issues and exclusions constantly.

If you can relate please get in touch as me and my son would love to hear from you.
kind regards

I am very concerned that he has not attended school for two years. He is missing out on so much - and so are you!
What are education doing, if anything, to help?

A lady from a local special needs school comes to the house for 2 hours a day or they go to a local garden centre. Yes this has been a massive worry for me as he has missed out on so much and is due to sit he GCSE in a few weeks or so and he has learned very little. He struggled with mainstream and they could not handle his behaviour which i believe partly by choice and anxiety related. Getting him out of bed is a full time job is difficult as he is up all night and i have to switch off and sleep due to me working full time to keep things running. He is currently at the hospital now claiming to have a blood clot again so the doctor will now do blood tests, he visited twice last night also and the night prior to that he called for an ambulance. This is really severe have you ever heard of such a case in a teenager. He has missed out on so much its very VERY upsetting to see my son this way.

Hi Jemma,

Goodness what a worry for you.

A lovely young lady we know with mental health issues, autism, a moderate learning disability frequently rings for an ambulance when she thinks she is about to have a seizure. She is on medication for anxiety but still often self harms and her parents have to watch her like a hawk.

Does your son attend any support groups?

Is he aware of this website


the worst part about it for me is never being able to feel safe. there’s no sanctuary i can retreat to, nobody i can turn to, because my own body is what i’m afraid of and there is no escaping that. that’s the real hell of health anxiety.