Living alone

Hi, I’m 72 living alone in a remote house with no close friends or family , that’s ok by me as I’m a bit autistic and the solitary life suits me.

I’m concerned that if I am struck down by a stroke or similar or just simply fall and can’t help myself that nobody will find me for a couple of years and the cat will have eaten what she can from me.

I’m wondering if there is some sort of monitoring website that I can log into regularly to show that I’m OK and if I don’t log in for a period the alarm bells will ring to alert somebody to check if I’m ok?

I would be grateful for any info


Hello & welcome Julian

There are many different types of personal pendant alarms. Provided by organisations like Saga UK Age UK etc. Also you Local Authority also provide such items. You can do a simple Google search.

Some organisations/systems can put in a daily/weekly/monthly call to your home.

I would be firstly inclined to go to your local Authority. As they will have a scheme or an approved organisation list.

Agreed, the council will have a scheme, not very expensive.

The weekly/daily call system, if no answer, contacts a family member/friend to check on you.
If no close friend etc this system is not suitable.

The pendant system is more useful as if no friends etc as if they get a panic call
and one doesn’t answer they send someone to your house to check on you,
using a front door key kept in a key safe outside the front door.