Technological Monitoring of old person

Good afternoon all.

I am new to this forum. But please do not flood this thread with ‘Welcome’ messages like some forums do.

I am not directly the ‘Carer’, but my live-together lady is, for her Mother of 99 years.

But I am the one best in first language of English.

I do not know the conventional description on this website for the person cared for - so please advise. For now I will call her ‘Mother’

Mother is 99 and does live alone and is generally capable of most activities for herself. She lives 25 min. away from us

We bring her to our apartment every other w/e.

Recently she has been less steady on her feet and had a fall recently, which fortunately resulted in only a bruise.

My Partner and I would be happier if there were in place a better monitoring/help system than just her mobile with memory dialing to 3 help persons in the family.

We are researching personal alarms which trigger automatic phone calls etc., but these are only useful for a conscious person.

We are also considering CCTV monitoring.

This is where we are seeking advice from any carers who use this as a way to monitor their loved ones( which I will term the ‘object’ till somebody gives me a better, more humane description). Our main questions on this point are:_

1 What is the effect of such a system(with consent) on the ‘object’? Do they resent or welcome monitoring as safety for themself?

2 Even if the monitoring of a CCTV system is shared amongst family members does it become onerous or obsessive?

3 What rooms should be monitored amongst choice of living/bed/bath/kitchen/hallway?

Please only answers from those who have expeirience of such systems

Thanks in advance for replies


My son has learning difficulties, he’s 41, lives in his own flat.
The council has given him an “Oyster” phone/alarm. If he falls, it will alert someone.

That’s answered your direct question.
However, the time has come for your caree to have a Needs Assessment to see what help and support she needs, and you and your partner too.
Very often there are things like the Oyster that are available free of charge from the council, who have researched what is best, pay for the monitoring etc.