Unpaid leave entitlement?

Hi all, My name is Sue and I’m a carer for my elderly father who is sliding into confusion and forgetfulness. At present he is capable of living independently with me getting most shopping and purchases for him, i also have power of attorney so manage his finances and health care too. He cooks via a microwave and toaster and i join him three times a week after work for healthy meals and help around the house as much as possible, gardening and washing etc.
We pay for a cleaner, and a lady to come in and care for his legs and feet twice a month (he is diabetic and was not getting any foot care). He has attendance allowance for help with this.
I work full time in a hospital and am wondering if i am entitled to any unpaid leave to help him out. He is having a major plumbing job done on the house in a few months and i need to get him out for a week to have the work done. My issue is i don’t have enough holiday left to be with him all week and there is no one else that he could stay with?
I am not a paid carer as i have a full time job. I am not sure what help i can get with this? any ideas would be gratefully received please?

Hi Sue.

The following link will be of immediate assistance here :

Caring for someone while working | nidirect


Caring for someone while working.

If you’re working for an employer when you start your caring role, it’s important to tell them about your situation and your new responsibilities.

As a backup , union dues upto date ?

Hi Sue, a few questions and things to consider.
Has your Father had a Local authority needs assessment and ditto for you to have a care assessment.

Contact the social services department of your local authority to find out whether you’re eligible for funding.

If you have savings and assets of more than the amount in this table, you’ll have to pay for your own care:

Region Savings threshold for local authority funding in 2019/20
England £23,250
Wales £24,000 (care at home) or £50,000 (care in a care home)
Scotland £27,250
Northern Ireland £23,250
If your income and savings are above this limit it’s still worth contacting the local authority.
As you still have the right to a care needs assessment, regardless of your financial situation.
Your local authority or trust might still take some of your income, if you’re below these limits.

Social service have a duty of care and could offer your Father a respite break for the duration of the works being done at his home.

I would also approach your employer regarding unpaid leave.
Your rights

As an employee you’re allowed time off to deal with an emergency involving a dependant.
A dependant could be a spouse, partner, child, grandchild, parent, or someone who depends on you for care.

This link may help

This could also be an option for your Father and you for the week and perhaps other times

Good luck Sue