Agency for a month seven thousend!

Had to get an agency in last minute and they want 7,000!!! It is over Christmas and the new year but OMG

Wondering if a live in carer would be better …

Prices here in the home counties are just incredivle. Also would the council pay for that once we (swiftly) reach the 23,250 milestone, well not all of it until we gwt to 14,000. Oh goodness.

Panic. Brain melting. Stress.

Live in carer would need my help with any hoisting and would need 2 hours off each day. Also we have to provide food. Dont want meat in my kitchen which would make things tricky. But but but I could go out and have a life!

Would the council continue to fund a live in carer? I doubt it somehow.

Ramble ramble and panic. My friend may be able to contine but after her cancelling with one days notice I have lost faith a bit.

Hi Jaqueline
Sorry I haven’t posted this week but no internet. It is probably unlikely the council would continue to fund the live in carer but if you don’t ask you don’t get. Have you done a comparison between care home fees or shopped around for live in carers to get alternative quotes? I know live in carers sometimes come from some distance.
There is no easy option, have you any idea of timescale and how long care may be needed for ? If you know you are looking at months or even weeks then perhaps you can struggle on without that break , tough I know but you have to keep thinking of the family home.
Have the council offered any sitting service for you as respite. If there has been a decline in health , is it worth reassessing any CHC application.
Have I mentioned a firm of solicitors that deals with CHC? I never got round to using them myself although they were on my “desparate list”. I think Dad passed away before the need arose in my case.

Just in case it’s needed , a post code care home fees calculator :

Financing Later Life Care - Which?

A rough guide is better than no guide at all ?

CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

Main thread :

Henrietta my Mother will need care for the rest of her life. I really really dont want to do her personel care hence needing 2 carers each time …

Care homes are around 50,000 a year, just under and a live in carer about the same.

Agency costs vary so I suppose the council would know the ones that they would use and find one cheaper thsn 50k for 2 carers four times a day.

I am so stressed and exhausted by all this.

Will ring a care home that we like tomorrow and a live in carer agency that my friend uses. Kripes.

CHC considerations ?

Weeell Chris she has no mobility and is incontinent, has all the signs of dementia so yeah mabe its time to look at chc funding again (I am pretty sure she wasnt eligable last time we checked).

Nothing ventured … nothing gained … or , in this case , saved ?

Haha good point mr research.

Quite like the idea of Mother having some respite care in a nursing bome. A break for me and people to lookmafter her day and night. Win win.

Sleeeeep time now.

I too live in the Home Counties, and yes, the cost of residential care here is insane! That is because most of the places are ‘luxury hotels’ and are designed to impress paying families rather than provide brilliant actual care for their residents. I have reports from someone who placed their own mum in such a ‘luxury’ place, and she was NOT impressed by the actual experience, telling me ‘I wouldn’t have eaten the food there myself!’ etc etc.

What I am wondering is this. In my own (someone odd) circumstances, I actually moved my MIL into a care home in the west country. I did this because I have my own family in that part of the world, so visit regularly. The difference in cost was huge!

Up here, a friend of mine is paying out £1100 a week for residential care, whereas I was paying out £700 a week. That’s a lot of savings over a year!

That said, of course it was much easier for me to do that because my MIL had dementia, and so did not ‘notice time’. If I hadn’t seen her for a couple of weeks she didn’t notice.

Hmm good point about other areas Jenny. If mother does need a care home I may well move us back up to Wales again. Who knows?

Mamaged to find a (slightly) cheaper agency who are coming over tomorrow to see us and to put together a care package. They have vaccencies, unlike most of the agencies and care homes that I spoke to. They are a familly run business.

Going to check out their cqc (?) report. Phew

They are great and will be starting on monday. Yippee!!!

Brilliant - well done. Hope it all goes well. Fingers crossed.

Thank you. The owners come out for the first few visits then one of them comes with a staff member until we know them until they have introduced the team for our area. Sounds like a good system.

Mother is still shouting help a lot but trying to discover the art of patience. At least we still get on well.