Lifting restrictions in healthcare settings?

Hi everyone,

Just curious what everyone’s experience is with their GP’s or local hospital’s at the moment? And how you all feel about the lifting or relaxing of restrictions in healthcare settings?

Previously at my local surgery the main door had been locked, and you had to ring the bell to get someone to come and either take your temperature and let you in for a face-to-face, or you’d hand over whatever you were dropping off and be on your way.

Today, I had to drop off a sample and was quite concerned to see the door was open and there was nothing but a sign (saying “do not enter without an appointment”) stopping people from strolling in off the street. I spoke to a couple of friends about it and they’ve all noticed that their GP’s and such have become extremely lax in maintaining hygiene standards and enforcing masks/social distancing etc.

I mean, I’m as keen as anyone to get back to normal, but I feel places that are essential and often not optional (doctors, hospitals, dentists, opticians etc) should still be upholding the highest and strictest standards to make sure vulnerable people are safe when visiting. Afterall, the vaccine doesn’t stop you getting or spreading the virus, it just lessens your chances of hospitalization, and that is still really yet to be proven beyond all reasonable doubt, so letting things slide right now feels like a huge risk.

If you WANT to go to the pub, or the cinema, or do non essential shopping, then that’s your choice and I feel you should be entitled to make those choices, but I can’t help feeling that they should be upholding safety standards in the places people NEED to go, rather than simply WANT to go for non essential purposes.

There are a lot of folks out there still at high risk, and I really think there should be support for those who want/need to stay shielding and be cautious, while allowing those who `aren’t concerned to take any risk they feel is appropriate for them. Rather than just throwing us all to the wolves and waiting to see what happens.

Hi Aj,
our GP surgery is still closed - telephone appointments only and VERY difficult to obtain one. If you need a face to face appointment you have to go to a different surgery.


Hi Melly,

Mine was the same, as were my carees, but apparently this past week they’ve given up on all the on-site precautions, which just seems like a huge gamble to me. You still can’t get an appointment for love nor money, but they seem to have stopped caring who they let in the buildings.

seems one extreme or another …

Sorry you can’t get appointments when needed either.


The easiest way now to see or contact our GP is via e-consult: fill out the form on-line and they will phone you the next day, and arrange a face-to-face appointment if necessary.

This is most definitely quicker than trying to phone. When you phone, it’s highly likely that you’ll be in a queue, it’s doubtful that your call will be answered in less than 30 minutes, and it’s even more likely that it will suddenly tell you (after 30 minutes+) that the lines are busy, call back later, and then cut you off.

Back when we were in lockdown I went to have my first vaccination at my GP surgery. I have social anxiety at the best of times but they assured me that I need not worry. When I got there it was as the original poster described.
Lots of people in the waiting room many not wearing masks. I wore a mask but I felt terrified as nobody was maintaining social distancing and there was a maskless person sitting in a chair right next to the door I had to go through to get to my vaccination.

I had a panic attack and could only just stop myself from screaming.
I had been in total isolation for over a year by then and this was my first outing back into the world.
It was like one of my worst Covid nightmares. When I got home I threw away all my clothes. I know it was an over reaction but I simply didn’t have the ‘spoons’ to quarantine them, then wash them and dry them and every time I looked at them they would remind me of the experience and I already have enough PTSD as it is.

When I was called for my second vaccination I wore a mask and a face shield and gloves and a plastic cagoule I knew I could easily disinfect afterwards. I have since had to go to get blood tests (also scary) and visit a physiotherapist and each time I am scared silly afterwards just praying I haven’t caught anything.

I know someone who got fully vaccinated and still caught covid and was hospitalised - we are still waiting to see if/when/how they recover. I agree people do not seem to be taking this as seriously as they should. We should be able to feel safe when we go in for treatment and I certainly don’t.

our dr surgery still closed no face-to-face appointments only phone call