Latest Advice from Medical Council about prioritising

The Medical Council’s advice about prioritising care/equipment with the elderly considered to be low priority is a worrying development.
Could it be that the telephone call my husband received from our doctor about a non-resuscitation order on his records has anything to do this with this? Or is it just a coincidence?
We discovered this order on his records by sheer accident and my husband asked for it to be removed about six months ago. We had heard nothing but on the same day of the GMC advice about treatment my husband got the doctor’s call.
My husband made it very plain that the GMC and Government can go to blazes and that he will not be disregarded just for their convenience. I was so proud of him!


Its not just corona, a couple of my caree’s had DNR do not resuscitate put on their notes.
But no one had really talked to them about it and certainly not to me, Unpaid carer/ next of kin who was representing them as there was no family.

Both had it removed from their notes, doctors at the hospital who didn’t really know them just decided that it would be best.

I hadn’t seen that particular report Honey Badger - definitely not a coincidence then!!

I had a similar down grading of my mothers instructions from limited resuscitation attempts (up to 20 minutes) to do not resuscitate. As I have LPOA on Health as well as finance I informed the GP that this downgrading was unacceptable and to restore it to what had been previously agreed. The problem is with the hero worship of NHS staff it is impossible to meaningfully complain or criticise.

If she does have to go to hospital I will be prevented from accompanying her because of the virus so it would seem she would be at their mercy with no one to oversee if her resuscitation wishes are observed.

Worrying times, I just hope this lockdown strategy carries on working for us personally and for the nation as a whole.