Social distancing gp surgery

we had a text yesterday about the surgery was open for pre booked appointments and that friends / family cannot attend surgery as well as the patient but no advice over carers , we contacted surgery and there response was that if the paitent can walk in to the surgery then no one else is permitted in but it seems that they are talking about physical disability only as my wife if mental with learning disablity

: Changes to our social distancing measures: The practice is only open for pre booked appointments. Do not arrive early, as we are required to restrict the number of patients in the building and you may be asked to wait outside. Family and friends are not permitted to attend appointments unless the patient is a child or has memory issues. All patients must wear a mask or any type of face covering that covers the nose and mouth. We will not provide masks for you as they are in short supply. Thank you for your understanding.

So if you need a doctor they won’t see you without a mask, which they won’t supply? Where locally is a supply of masks???

our surgery wounld not even see me over my ear infection in which i still have got and had over 6 weeks even with a ffp3 mask on as they think i have a respiratory infection with out seeing me

we had the same text this morning from gp surgery but now they added that you cannot use the toilets in surgery due to strict infection control .
as i managed to see my dr last week about my ear problem i noticed that staff came to the door with mask on to do your temp and to let you in then i notice the staff taken mask of put it on desk when someone else come for a appointment they put the same mask back on which i found disapointing and then they are on about strict infection control ?

Sounds similar to what my vet is doing. I’ll need to wait outside and vet will collect Millie dog and then talk to me over the phone.

Before I had face coverings bought through Amazon, I folded a tea towel and secured that with a cord.

I soon bought some face coverings !