Life after caring (2)

Hello, I am Amanda & sadly My hubby passed away in january …i am struggling with moments Grief & Anxiety. I have no children & my little dog. I would like to hear from other former carers . And with permission set up a zoom. from time to time…I am from Surrey . Regards Amanda h

Hello Amanda. Welcome! I think you might be better starting a post of your own because I think this post is lost in here. More people will see it. Xx

Hi Amandah,

welcome back.

As Penny has suggested, you would be better with a thread of your own - so I have used your post to start a new one.

I will contact Michael to see if it would be possible for Carers Uk to run online meet ups for former carers.

Perhaps you could also contact your local Carers Centre to see if they organise anything.

Do you meet other dog walkers when you are walking your little dog?


hi Thank you for your reply . I cant walk very far as i have osteo arthritis . I really feel having been a carer for my beloved Hugh its not easy as my family as much as they loved me they left us to it if this makes sense.Crossroads care are working on this as well to see if they can set anything thing up. I realise that i need to get permission , but it would be great if i could set some thing up. The forgotten carers !! regards Amanda

Hi Amanda. I’m so sorry for your loss. Being a carer is isolating enough, but once you’re a former carer, it feels as if there’s a disconnect that keeps you isolated. When it’s a partner who’s gone, it feels as if you’re not entirely whole, that part of you is missing.

A lot of carers organisations offered Zoom meetings during the lockdown, and I know some still do as they managed to reach carers who otherwise can’t get to meetings. It may be worth trying your local carers group? I understand that this may not be what you want: being reminded of your situation that way can be hard, but some carers groups do have services aimed at people who are in your situation, so it’s worth a try from that viewpoint.