Good Morning,I am a former carer,& lost my beloved Husband in January this year.I would like to hear from former carers.i am due to be 66 & live in Surrey UK.So if your interested & near to Surrey,Sussex or Hampshire,please get in wishes Amanda

Hello Amanda

Sorry to hear about your loss.
If you scroll down to the members area you will see December Roll Call - or whatever the month is, have a look in there and say hello.
Also do you know about the Silverline, set up by Esther Rantzen who set up Childline and is a subsidiary of Age UK

Glad to see you are looking forwards and networking.
I am nowhere near local to you, but I hope you find a friend network soon.
Have you thought about volunteering in a couple of local charity shops for half a day each as a means of networking?
The charity shop in a local village is a social hub for the volunteers.
If you volunteer for Oxfam you can work for them at big festivals, pitch your tent in their secluded site and get to see the gigs like Latitude, Glastonbury and others, always pack a hot water bottle!