Hello From a Former carer

Hi I am a Former carer & Thanks to Michael Shann, we have meetings every other month. I am so happy about this.As i feel we could all do with a lot more help or advice . It is important to try & keep in touch . Best wishes Amanda


Hi @18Amanda27h
Yes! So you’re regular to those meetings? How are things these days?
I used to look after my Dad alongside my Mum, and now look after my Mum as she was diagnosed with cancer just before he passed…It’s a different pace and routine for us now which I’m grateful for given the number of almost daily crises we went through with Dad.
Feel free to share as little or as much as you want as you’ll see on Roll Call we have a lot of humor, and open discussion in our safe zone :wink:
I’m sure we’ll be chatting more …best wishes!

Hi @18Amanda27h , I’m glad you are enjoying the meetings and find them supportive.

How are you spending your time, these days?

Welcome back Amandah

Hi Victoria, Great to hear from you. I am Disabled with osteoarthritis & a failed hip replacement . My Anxiety isnt great at the moment . I am into having natural healing & meds as i am scared of Hospitals . I spend my time, on Zoom , painting my bottles for bottle art & my pebbles i paint. I have a small dog as well I am also trying to rest more & am exhausted as i am not sleeping well . Regards Amanda

Hello Melly1 thank you for your reply. I am keeping busy, with my hobbies, as i cant drive & have health issues which i am working on .I have a failed hip replacement, & my other hip needs doing, but i am terrified of the NHS Route so have natural healers & reflexology , also with high levels of Anxiety i am working on this. I also keep busy with my various hobbies, eg bottle art & rock art. Thank you for your message. regards Amanda

@18Amanda27h sorry to hear about your failed hip replacement. That’s terrible. Did you get an infection? (I have a THR one side and a resurface hip replacement the other side. )

Are you a member of

Forum? It’s very supportive. I leaned on it a lot whilst waiting and recovering from my ops. Now I just pop in once in awhile to say hi.

Glad you have your hobbies.

Is pain keeping you awake at night?

Thank you, Sometimes my pain keeps me awake, the sad issue is that until i lesson my wretched anxiety as well as grieving i am not wanting another op. Also Family members dont understand me at time.s But i try not to sit in a chair for too long. Also having no children . But i am owned by my little dog. T also yes i have joined verus arthritis Thank you Best wishes Amanda


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What’s your little dog called?

Hi @18Amanda27h Really nice to hear that the group is going well for you. I remember how quickly Michael got it set up, so it’s good to hear it’s doing well.

Hello Thank you for your reply. Its so important to keep in touch with other people. Thank goodness for Zoom & utube Reagrds Amanda

Hi @18Amanda27h
I’m sorry to hear your pain is keeping you awake and you’re struggling with your anxiety. Since you’re enjoying zoom, youtube and have your hobbies, I wondered if an online course e.g. open uni or via Futurelearn could be another way to interact online via their discussions-whilst-learning too - just some food for thought - pls ignore if its not useful!
Pain management is so tricky and you’re obviously trying to navigate through your anxiety, your way in addition to grieving - a tough road to be on and walk…BUT I can sense you’re still stepping forward with some strength and resilience…one step after another IS progress.
i don’t know much about natural pain remedies but I’ve heard Melatonin can help sleep, and valerian in teas, I’ve only used chamomile tea to help ‘calm’ me to sleep. The best solution when my head is buzzing and/or I’m going through too many lists in my head - aside from writing the list down, I’ve used guided meditations - there are some on youtube I think.
Sending some hugs and empathy.

hi victoria, so sorry i never got back to you. I am still taking small steps, but am busy with writing a few cards for christmas & getting things sorted. There always seems to be a lot of rushing around . what will you ve doing? anyway, best wishes amanda h

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hi so sorry not to have got back to you. the reason my hip failed is because i had to care for my late hubby after i came out of hospital, although it was done at the nuffield in woking, my hubby had a care package but not for me, and social services were annoyed with me for bouncing off my late hubbys carers at the time, also i have tension before i went into hospital which was a total mistake. Now i suffer pain but take natural things CBD & creams . I have reflexology & reiki & am so scared of the nhs.Until my anxiety improves there is little i can do.Anyway It is what it is. Best wishes Amanda h

@18Amanda27h when you pluck up the courage hydrotherapy or physio may well help. I’m glad the natural therapies help. I find a heat pad helps me too.

I have had both & am i am unable to drive anywhere is difficult .