Lewy Body Dementia: keeps refusing to drink

Hi everybody, I’ve just joined the forum.

This is in relation to my FIL, he has LBD.

My MIL has a constant battle trying to get him to drink enough fluids. He is able to drink, but doesn’t want to.
lifting a cup up is difficult so we’ve found a straw works well.

Eating meals is very slow but they do get eaten and he has a good appetite.


Encouraging a person with dementia to drink

A person with dementia may not always be able to recognise when they are thirsty, or they might not be able to communicate their thirst. But nevertheless, it is recommended to aim for about eight glasses of fluid per day. You could try:
having a drink beside the person at all times
adding a little flavoured squash if the person is not keen on water
offering a choice of hot and cold drinks
helping the person if they are struggling to pick up or hold a cup
offering the person different shapes and sizes of cup
finding out if they have a favourite mug they like to drink from

We also used ice lollies and ice pops for hubby

Just now he has been referred to SALT team about his swallowing


Hi Rosemary, thanks ever so much for your reply, I did discuss this with my MIL and its been helpful.

My apologies for the delay in replying, Ive had man flu and weve been struggling both with my father and my FIL.