mum not eating

hi everyone , my mum is 86 ,had diarrhea for a month ,on and off.has alzheimers and vasculer dementia,arthritis ,so no mobility.also has sores on bottom .all this is being treated by healthcare professionals,but she is hardly eating at all.the doctor says dont worry too much about not eating ,keep the fluids up.but we are worried .trying everything to tempt her .friends have said they should give her fortisip but the doctor doesnt seem to want to do that.then someone else said it is expensive .something will have to happen soon .any experience of this ,and advice please .jane .

I like to sleep with a clear conscience. I have often queried things I wasn’t happy about, especially in relation to my disabled son’s care, because I’d never forgive myself if something bad happened to him because I’d not said anything.
In your situation I think I’d ring the Ambulance Service or the NHS helpline and say how concerned you were.

Does she have an air mattress, a hospital bed, to make nursing her easier?

Are you getting any help with caring for her?
Are the bed sores getting better, or worse?

In the later stages of dementia both swallowing and chewing become difficult as the muscles give up. Tiny amounts of soft sweet things such as yoghurt and custard may tempt her, but it might just be that she is past eating now.

She knows how much you love and care for her


There came a time that my 95 year old mother didn’t want to eat. (Just diagnosed with endometrial cancer before dying in hospice). Before that, she would eat some soup and swallow some Ensure or Fortisip. Towards the end she was in hospice and didn’t eat much at all. Please ask your mother’s doctor for a frank opinion. I’d have something there for her to sip on …