Invention for helping with Rehydration

This invention has great potential - let’s hope it’s affordable.


That’s a good idea.
When we went to see my Mum at the weekend on that very hot Saturday, when we arrived she was in a bit of a state saying she had chest pains. We called the staff who took one look at her water jug and said she needed to drink some water. Once we’d got 2 glasses into her (and a lot of attention) she was much brighter and has been fine ever since.

However I was a bit annoyed at the Home as Mum doesn’t like water, never has and at 96 is unlikely to change. She will drink squash though, but they never seem to think of adding some to her water jug even though we leave a bottle in her room.There’s just so many different staff and so many residents its these little things that get missed :frowning: