Need some advice.

My name is Lao Seng and I am from Myanmar, Shan state.
Allow me to introduce the conditions. I’ve been caring for my mom who had dementia over 2 years now. I think due to lack of informations and experiences, my mom condition have been worsened and I am feeling guilty because of it.
Now my mom has been bed ridden, unable to speak and difficulty swollowing. As of today her tongue stick out from her mouth as if she can’t
control it. So I can’t feed her anymore as the tongue is blocking.
Can you give me some advice what to do about that and further caring methods.
Thank you for reading and advices.

Hi Lao,

welcome to the forum.

I am sorry to hear your Mum has dementia, it is a cruel condition. Unfortunately no amount of information or experience will stop the dementia progressing and the person getting worse.

The Alzheimer’s society provides lots of information on all types of dementia (not just Alzheimer’s). Some of the information will be UK specific e.g. where to go for support, but the factsheets will be applicable to your Mum and you.

If your Mum’s tongue is sticking out a she needs medical attention. She may have had a stroke or it may be due to her dementia in which case she will need assessing by a speech and language therapist as they can advise on feeding and swallowing issues to.