Letter experience


I received a letter 5 weeks ago from Wescot and it surprised me because I saw my name saying that I was in debt almost £1000 and I need to call their number 0845 to talk about my debt. I don’t have an idea about it cause I don’t have owed to them and to anyone.

and I received a letter again saying if I did not pay them back they will sue me. Gosh! what the hell is this?

Why some people using some company name to send letters to people with bogus debts.

To all real customer of Wescot, what is the true number of Wescot? and how to know if it’s legit?

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

Have you had any dealings with this company previously?

Do you have any debt that may have been bought by this company?

If I were in your position and the answer to both those questions was no, then I’d ignore it initially. If they get in touch again it may be worth contacting them.

You can find the phone number on the internet easily enough, I did:- 01482 484673

Just googled and there is a link to a company called Wescot Credit Services Ltd (if link is genuine which I haven’t looked into).
Maybe you have had identity stolen or perhaps a case of misidentification.
ither way best to call them and ask them why they think you owe money.

I wouldn’t take this on alone. I would go to see your bank and also take advantage of a solicitor’s ‘free half hour’. If you are convinced that this debt does not exist then it is either a ‘con’ or as previously suggested an identity theft. Not something to tackle on your own. Maybe the police should be involved? IF you phone this company, (and I’d ask a solicitor to do it), then can you record the call?