Wescot can't stop calling me


I need help with this company called Wescot, i already paid to this company and I have proof but they still call me but I always Ignore them, I was thinking if can I be imprisoned if Ignore them?


You need to give us more information before we can really help. What’s happened since your previous post?


Tell the company that if there is a problem they must “put their concerns in writing as you don’t discuss this sort of thing over the phone with strangers, as it could be a fraudulent call”.

If you are sure that you have done nothing wrong, record each call, then accuse them of harassment and may contact Oftel to get their calls barred.
If it relates to a debt, say that you are going to contact the “Financial Services Ombudsman”.

My Grandaughter works for a well known bank. She tells me the word ombudsman makes them ’ sit up’ as it costs the banks a considerable amount before any investigation even starts.

Once again, Bowlingbun is spot on. It is worthwhile to give this company just a little bit more attention. You say you have paid up, but there may still be some small matter that has been overlooked and could be easily resolved, ending this frequent-calling saga. This is the way to do it.

Plenty on the Internet relating to harrassment by Wescot , a debt collection agency … together with some practical guidance.

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