Leg ulcers-gone!

My mum slipped going up the stair over 2 and a half years ago and knocked her shin breaking the skin.
Since then it has ulcerated and been continually treated, sometimes getting a bit better but then getting worse again. She has had daily vists from nurses, biweekly visits, been referred to tissue specialists and clinics galore. All to little effect
Then suddenly it’s gone!! !!
All we can put it down to is that she had some uti and a chest infection that wouldnt clear up so had 3 different types of antibiotics in a short space of time.

Has anyone else had this?

That’s amazing, they are such horrible things.

That’s fantastic news :smiley:

Oh wow, that’s fantastic.

It’s a pity antibiotics are having to be so restricted, think of all the suffering, worrying, dressings and district-nurse-time that would be saved, if everyone could routinely be given meds to cure ulcers.